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      News information

      Max machinery business is growing steadily

      Mex machinery since the entry of zhongda group, the enterprise has basically completed a smooth transition, the business volume is growing steadily.

      In October's zhongda sports meeting, Max participated in the large-scale activities of zhongtuan group for the first time. Although the overall results still need to work hard, but still won the first two projects, a number of projects ranked, finally also won the spiritual civilization award of the games.

      In terms of organizational structure, the new organizational structure more suitable for Max is being revised. In October, I completed the merger of the group of sheet metal welding, the leap from small group to large group, the change from quantity to quality, and the team leader assessment system entered the implementation stage.

      In terms of infrastructure, the overall layout of the company has been determined, and various infrastructure projects have been launched. The outside of the company's factory building is being painted; The new canteen has been fully started; The new warehouse has been started; The contract for the new paint shop has been signed; At the same time when various infrastructure projects are launched, the head of anhuan shall supervise the safety and environmental protection of the projects, reduce the pollution index, protect the environment and prevent accidents.

      Beauty in the factory, the company has identified various sectors, the head of the group is working with the section head to communicate, in combination with the actual situation of the Banks, to develop a suitable for beauty, the relevant system, implementation methods and evaluation methods, to be prepared for a solution to deal with 2020 years of group of beautiful factory inspection of each plate.

      In the last two months, Max will make every effort to sprint and embrace 2020 with a new attitude!